Re: Little Lanelei, was Danelectro Spring King Reverb

  Sure Mark. Lots of git-fiddle players don't like to put a lot of strain
on their axes and so "Tune-Down" anywhere from 2/3 to 2 1/4 notes. IF they
are in tune with THEMSELVES, nones the harm. BUT, enter the "Fixed" pitch
instrument, and "Disasterinio". (BTW, SAME ting happens with

  Mark said(AND asked);
I just got back from a long road trip up the California Coast which took me
>from San Diego to San Francisco.  I'd pull into a new town each afternoon,
>check into a hotel, pull out my harps, and head downtown looking for people
>to jam with.  You can almost always find street performers in downtown
>areas.  I got lucky and hooked up several times and had some real memorable
>My most positive experience was in Ventura.  I hooked up with a homeless guy
>in a park downtown. He was an excellent guitar player and singer and I
>jammed with him and several of his friends for more than two hours.  We were
>very near the railroad tracks and a place that used to be called hobo jungle
>where some of them slept and needless to say I met some very interesting and
>colorful people.
>The next day I pulled into Pismo Beach a small beach town a couple hours up
>the coast from Ventura.  Got a room, went out and did the town for a while
>then went looking for some musical company.   On a little boardwalk area on
>the beach there were a couple of guys singing and playing guitars.  One
>acoustic and another playing electric through a small Pignose.  I asked if I
>could join in and as usual there were very cool about it and brought me
>right in.  I pulled out my harps and tried to jump in but for some reason I
>could not figure out what key they were in.  They told me they were in E so
>I tried my A harp first which didn't work. Then I went through all the harps
>I had with me, A,Bb,C,D,F,G, and none of them sounded right.  I thought no
>problem, I'll try the next song.  Problem was the exact thing happened again
>and again.  I could not get in tune with these guys no matter what and had
>to eventually put my harps away and listen in.
>Now I'm trying to figure out why it happened as I don't want to go through
>that again if I can help it.  It seemed to me that they really were not sure
>what key they were in most of the time.  Every time I asked he said E and
>once he said E7.  Is it possible that their guitars were so far out of  tune
>that I had no way of making it work or is it more likely they were playing
>in some unusual key and I just didn't have the right harp.  The first
>scenario seems more likely to me as they were playing all types of songs
>from Willie Nelson to Tom Petty.  Just thought I'd run this by the group as
>this has never happened to me before and I thought you guys would be able to
>figure it out.
>Mark Wilson
>Irvine Ca
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