Re: disappearance of regular contributors

You people seem so unappreciative of this great forum....

try hanging out for 6 or 7 years...or longer in some cases...
search the archives...if that's a possibilty since the change...

This is the "Mother Lode" of all harp lists...and always has been...
use your delete button wisely...but I suggest you might be thankful...
rather than cocky...about the lack of what you percieve to be valuble.


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> > Harp-l has become more of a format for sarcastic banter, silly one
> > liners,
> > and self promotion within the community than information exchange.
> >
> This has been pretty much the case for a long time.  Even before the
Harp-l crash.
> As far as info...important info that is useful and helpful for
all....getting harder and harder to find on Harp-l....good thing my delete
button works so well.
> Roger
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