Re: Little Lanelei, was Danelectro Spring King Reverb

Don,no I haven't seen the Yamaha unit.I've owned a Boss AD-3 for a few years 
now and I love it.After all,the harp is an acoustic instrument,and to make it 
even better,the high and low EQ settings on the AD-3 are set right at (high 
6.3kHz and low 100Hz.) These frequencys are right at the high and low end 
frequency response of a typical Shure magnetic bullet mic which is what I use 
so you can really tailor the way your mic sounds.You can really fatten it up 
or you can thin it out to make it sound like a crystal.I use mine with a 
Bassman RI all stock.I love the reverb and the 2X2 chorus too.What kind of 
mic and amp did you use,and what did you think of the reverb?If I didn't know 
better,I'd say it was a spring.By the way,if you want more,the AD-3 has a big 
brother called the AD-5.It's got a 4 band EQ,two mic inputs,one of which is 
for a magnetic mic and XLR inputs,it has the same preamps,reverb and 
chorus,and a few more bells and whistles that I can't remember off the top of 
my head,and of course,the anti feedback circuit.I'd love to try one but I'm 
happy with the AD-3.The AD-5 is about 2 to 3 inches longer than the 3 too so 
it probably won't fit nicely on top of the amp like the 3 does.
         Everyone that's ever tried mine was very impressed.I'm really 
surprised that they're not better known in the harp world.I don't see them 
around alot in the stores.Maybe it wasn't a big seller and they discontinued 
them or something,I don't know.I'm very glad I found it and I don't think 
I'll be selling or trading it for another kind.I think the only thing I'd 
trade it for is an AD-5.So I'd like to know what you thought of it over all 
and did you get a chance to really try all of its features.It takes a little 
playing with to really understand what its capable of doing.Anyway,I'm glad 
to hear that someone else found one and gave it a try with a harp! Let us 
know what you think of it.........Dave

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