Re: Happy Belated 10th Birthday to Harp-L

What a blast to hear from our founder, the man who dreamed up harp-l 
and made it happen - Chris Pierce!

A few of us managed to persuade Chris to come to SPAH in 1994 in 
Memphis, and I think we had some sort of seminar or discussion of 
internet harmonica resources. Didn't see him again after that, and 
heard very little as his life's activites took him away from running 

The next year, it was tech wizard and new harp-l owner Hugh Messenger 
who showed up at SPAH in Detroit, along with Norman Ives and Dr. 
Midnight over from Blighty, telling tales of a strange being named 
Douglas Tate who could make the harmonica sound louder - loud enough 
to fill a hall - by closing his hands around it!

Still later it was Michael Polesky with his talent for charming 
unlikely combinations of individuals into getting together (I 
remember the panorama of his living room with Charlie Musselwhite, 
Tommy Morgan, Douglas Tate, Cham-ber Huang and several other 
luminaries at a NAMM bash) - in each time, the right person for the 
next stage in the life of harp-l.

But none of this would have come to pass without out our founder, and 
so many good things have happened in the world of the harmonica, both 
directly and indirectly, as a result of his vision and action.

Anyway, it's nice to hear from Chris. Hope you're doing well, man! 
It's perhaps auspicious to hear from the guy who started it all at 
this point when the foal is getting its legs under it - once again 
(and I always thought the phoenix was a bird!).


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