RE: Danelectro Spring King Reverb

There's a review of this device in the latest issue of Electronic
Musician magazine, and the reviewer makes a point of noting that he
plays harmonica as well as guitar.  

The reviewer said specifically that the Spring King sounds great for
surf guitar styles, but it can't do the big reverb sounds that Little
Walter got on "Blue Lights."  He recommends it for guitar, NOT for harp.

That said, taste is very personal, and what matters most in an effects
device is that it inspires the person who uses it.  If you're thinking
about getting one of these, I recommend that you go to the local music
store, money in hand, and try every reverb in your price range through
your own rig.  There are lots of good reverbs in the price range
occupied by the Spring King ($149 and down); this includes pedals from
Boss and Digitech as well as rack devices from Alessis, ART, and

For another $50 you can get a new Lexicon MPX 110, and I guarantee you
that the Lexicon will smoke any competing reverb under $200, not to
mention most chorus and flanger devices.  But that's my taste.

Thanks and regards, Richard Hunter
Turtle Hill Productions

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