Re: Tuning????

Depends on whqt you mean by tuned. A chromatic will usually be:

=solo tuned (every octave tuned like Holes 4-7 of a standard diatonic)

=tuned to equal temperament (sounds equally in/out of tune in every 

=marked A440, even if it is tuned to A441, 442, 443, etc.

The exception to solo tuning would be a couple of models like the 
Hohner Slide Harp and Koch 980, which are tuned like a standard 
diatonic but built like a chromatic, with a slide button that raises 
the pitch a semitone.


- --- In harp-l-archives@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Wow71@xxxx wrote:
> I know nothing about the various tunings of a chrom. When you buy a 
harp over 
> the counter, how is it tuned?
> Maybe, whoever answers this question can elaborate.
> Thanks,.......Kenny
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