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> > > >thread going on regarding the dissapearence of
contributors to
> > the
> > > >list, and thought it might be worth pointing
out, that one of 
> > reasons
> > > >may be the type of "Smart Alec" remarks that
have been 
creeping in over
> > the
> > > >last year or so.

Haven't these things always gone on - except perhaps
at the lydian-mode-on-flute dawning moments? Most of
the harp lists have been either quiet or snipey of
late. Sort of understandable, with the economy tanking
and the sabers rattling - not a congenial backdrop 
for lively or thoughtful discussion.

Also, it's still early days for the revived harp-l.
The pipes are still shuddering and sputtering, and all
the din close up makes barely a whisper from out in
the woods.


> oh, to go back to the innocence and nostalgia of
> Harp-l has become more of a format for sarcastic
banter, silly one 
> and self promotion within the community than
information exchange.
> The Daily Almanac has remained worthwhile, as well
as requests for 
> and interesting jams for travelling harmonica
enthusiasts and 
> product/technique reviews/opinions.
> Those interested in checking out the "good ol' days"
should browse 
> archives.
> That Ol' Curmudgeon, THE ICEMAN

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