Re: disappearance of regular contributors and another kudos for Tom Ball

You're kinda right on with this one, I tend to have to agree with that one.  On a slightly related subject and recent thread, I too always enjoy Tom Ball's
contributions.  Not to diminish his talents as a player or writer (cuz he's great at both) but what I really like about Tom, is his irreverent sense of humor.  A
nice breath of fresh air here on Harp-L that at times can suffer from excessive anal retentivity (IMHO!!) :-)

Don D.

Roger A Gonzales wrote:

> > Harp-l has become more of a format for sarcastic banter, silly one
> > liners,
> > and self promotion within the community than information exchange.
> >
> This has been pretty much the case for a long time.  Even before the Harp-l crash.
> As far as info...important info that is useful and helpful for all....getting harder and harder to find on Harp-l....good thing my delete button works so well.
> Roger

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