Re: Little Lanelei, was Danelectro Spring King Reverb

Grbullets2@xxxxxxx wrote:
If you guys want an awsome effects box for harp,get your hands on a Boss
AD-3.It has a reverb that is as close to a spring as a digital can get,a
2X2 chorus,both fully adjustable from a touch to alot,it has a high and
a low end EQ setting,a gain controll,and an anti feedback circuit that
you can use on auto or set manually or you can use both at the same
time.It has 2 different preamp inputs,line and what they call a G-amp
for a more natural sound.This box seems to be little known in the harp
world but IMHO,its the best little gadget you can get for the cost of
about $150.It's about 6X6 in. so it fits nicely on tpo of any mid to
larger amp.It operates on 6 AA's or an optional 6 volt AC adapter.This
is one little box you will quickly fall in love with!..........Dave

Dave, I was just checking one of these out recently at music store and
thinking "mmmm...this might be cool little gadget for harp."  Also
noticed while I was there that Yamaha also sells a very similar device,
they're both multi effects processors for acoustic guitars, but as you
mentioned, it seems like they do indeed work good for harp.  BTW, did
you by any chance check out the Yamaha one also, wonder how they compare
to one another?  I guess these warrant a closer look.

Thanx for the heads up,
Don D.

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