RE: Little Lanelei, was Danelectro Spring King Reverb

>Another question I have about both the Dan Electro and SongWorks real
>spring reverb pedals is do they make a goddam awful noise if kicked or
>bumped the way the Fender Reverb Tank and the like do?  If so that
really >limits their practical use, great tone or not.

Or greatly expands their practical usage, depending on how you look at
it.  Listen to some early Jamaican dub (Augustus Pablo, King Tubby...)
and you'll hear a few nice, big "boings" from making use of just that
feature.  Quite funky, and very nice effect at times.

If you don't want it, just be more careful around your reverb.

 ()()   JR "Bulldogge" Ross
()  ()  & Snuffy, too:)

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