Re: Paragraphs, Plain Text, and Harps

<<It sure would help if folks would pause occasionally and start a new
paragraph.  It's best if you do that every time you change subject.  But it
also adds emphasis and can be very effective to just isolate a particularly
important point you wish to make.>>



Welcome back Harp-L and Harpie New Year !

And everybody, please set your e-mail to send 'Plain Text' (no HTML
and no attachments).  From Outlook Express: Tools(menu)/Options/Send(tab),
and check 'Plain Text' under 'Mail Sending Format'. Try not to use message
wrapping--keep the lines shortened for easy 'text' viewing.

There should be a similar setting in all e-mail applications.

If we ever get the archives back, it is going to be 9/10's full of garbage !

For the past several months while Harp-L has been down,
I've been enjoying my Bob Meehan custom harps, including
a couple of custom SBS365's (key of C and D).

I also bought a Hohner CX-12 Tenor C, and I've been having fun
playing and learning some third position stuff (doing Knockout Greg's
'Cool 64', and Darrell Nulisch's "Orange Soda").

Also been working on Norton Buffalo's "Puerto de Azul", but I've
been having a real hard time figuring the 'middle' part (first go round
at: 00:56 thru 01:20).  I would love to find some tabs for this !

Found a great carrying case for my CX-12--a stun gun case made
of thick rugged nylon, velcro closure.  Its got a belt loop on it, but
I use a long metal nickel-plated beaded chain (like an electric light pull
chain that goes through the belt loop, and I wear it over one shoulder
(bandelero-style) under my jacket--works great and keeps the harp
warm for quick playing !

I had lots of fun re-learning and discovering new Christmas songs
on my Lee Oskar Melody Maker harps (Have Yourself a Merry
Little Christmas, Silent Night, Joy to the World, Angels We Have Heard
on High, Frosty the Snowman).  I'm going to try and keep playing these
songs even if Christmas is over--if my wife can take it!

I'm glad Harp-L is back!  Over the years it has added so much to my
harmonica hobby, always helping me to learn, helping to discover new
artists, and meeting other harp players.

Ken Hildebrand

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