Re: Tom Ball, plus a comment & a question

I am looking forward to receiving Tom's new book which is on it''s way
from Amazon, a Chistmas gift from an indulgent daughter.  Before she
ordered it she called every book store in town;  just think, if everyone
on the List did that the book world might be wondering if they'd over-
looked an incipient best seller.Tom deserves it for his generosity and
general helpfulness on this forum

By the way, Tom's three- to four-times monthly stint at The Coldwater
Tavern near Santa Barbara is, in my opinion, one of the best kept
secrets of the Harmonica World.  Imagine a beautiful suspension
bridge and a road that curves down from  it into a deep canyon over-
grown with every kind of California greenery to a genuine historic.  
stage stop at the base of a waterfall.  And there Tom and his buddy,
Kenny Sultan, sit on the front porch displaying their incomparable 
artistry for the price of a beer (or even a Diet Coke).  If you order a
tri-tip sandwich from the gentleman at the barbecue behind the 
building your day should be complete--maybe your whole week.

If you say hello to Tom between sets you'll find he's every bit as
gracious in person as he is on this List.  If you find yourself anywhere
near Santa Barbara on a Sunday, or can arrange to be, this stop
is a "must."  Check Danny's Giglist to make sure they"re not 
touring in Europe or something.

Do I sound like a fan; I guess I am.

Neil, in Brea, Calif.

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