Re: Fred Palmer (was Tom Ball, plus a comment & a question)

Juke wrote:
I just returned from Rochester N.Y. where I had a chance to play w/Joe Beard
and thats always a treat-he really is the real deal-while there I got to hear
a little bit of an
old colledge buddy o yours-u remember my mentioning Fred Palmer a couple
years ago to ya?SHIT! that guy plays his ass off-I mean blowin thru changes
like Lou Donalson or Lester Young,seems to prefer acoustic or using p.a.mic
for his electric stuff love to have spent an hour w/him for a lesson,but ol
Freddys out there-just looked at me like I just offered to kill his
kids-still he,s great-I,ve never heard anything recorded by him and thats a
shame cause that cats GOT acommand o the diatonic
Fred is amazing, isn't he?  I think Fred Palmer is one of the most 
underrated players in the country, especially on acoustic harp -- and 
he can shred anybody at Sonny Terry style stuff (myself included)  -- 
when you hear Fred play, you want to go stick your head in the oven. 
I've often thought it's a shame he hasn't recorded more.

But I should mention he's wasn't a "college buddy"... I didn't meet 
Fred until years after college (and besides my "college experience" 
consisted solely of two years majoring in Draft Deferment in the late 

Anyhow, take care, Juke, and happy harpin to all,


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