Re: Happy Belated 10th Birthday to Harp-L

Chris Pierce wrote a congratulatory post on Harp-L's 10-year history.
A couple comments he made were:

>First, thanks to Hugh Messenger (where ever he may be
>these days).  If not for Hugh, Harp-L may well have died 
>when Western Kentucky University decided to get rid of 
>all student-run mailing lists.

Definitely Hugh was ahead of the curve, proposing and instituting
changes that crossed the grain of many, even longtime Harp-Lers, me
included.  The member homepages, with links and individualized mail
interface [which sadly no longer exist,] restricted membership
[ultimately a far-sighted solution to blocking SPAM - I don't like
restrictions and originally opposed this, but see its value clearly
now,] and other small issues that only he seemed to understand at
first, but were later appreciated by all.  Too bad he got too
overworked to handle Harp-L and his busy life, because he was truly
Harp-L's technical guru!  Thanks, Hugh!!!

>Third, I want to thank Michael Polesky and all of
>the Harp-L administrators, workers and helpers.  As
>with Hugh, if not for them, the list would probably
>have died long ago.

We try! :)  But even this idea of a Workers staff, which monitors the
list's functions and assists other H-Lers as needed, was formalized as
a sublist of Harp-L by Hugh to give those of us who were Harp-L's early
ragtag volunteers a problem-solving forum of our own. 

Although Chris wound up thanking everybody...

>each and every one has been a part of something special.

He modestly neglects to mention the visionary person who founded Harp-L
in the first place ... himself, Chris Pierce.  Talk about foresight!
As the Internet was barely beginning to crawl and babble, he'd already
crafted an universal symposium for harmonica lovers the world over.
What a concept!!

Fueled by his original philosophy to promote openness and respectful
discussion concerning anything related to the harmonica, Harp-L
continues to revive, retool and renew itself, in good times or bad.

>Hopefully, the next 10 years will be even better than 
>the last.

And, Thank You Very Much, Chris, for starting us out and into the first
decade of Harp-L.  You deserve to be very proud of what you created and
the new directions and opportunities Harp-L continues to offer the
harmonica world, just as you envisioned.  



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