Re: Tom Ball, plus a comment & a question

Hey Tom
 I just returned from Rochester N.Y. where I had a chance to play w/Joe Beard 
and thats always a treat-he really is the real deal-while there I got to hear 
a little bit of an 
old colledge buddy o yours-u remember my mentioning Fred Palmer a couple 
years ago to ya?SHIT! that guy plays his ass off-I mean blowin thru changes 
like Lou Donalson or Lester Young,seems to prefer acoustic or using p.a.mic 
for his electric stuff love to have spent an hour w/him for a lesson,but ol 
Freddys out there-just looked at me like I just offered to kill his 
kids-still he,s great-I,ve never heard anything recorded by him and thats a 
shame cause that cats GOT acommand o the diatonic
  Man u  sure gettin the love here lately-glad u made it back down the hill 
continued good luck and hope ur workin too much
        Juke- Charleston S.C.

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