Little Lanelei, was Danelectro Spring King Reverb

I recently picked up a similar item- the Little Lanelei reverb pedal.  It is a
solid state analog device with a three spring reverb in a 9 x 4 in sturdy metal
enclosure.  It has gain and mix controls, 9 V battery or adapter powered, a
separate on/off pedal and has true bypass when off.  It sounds like a spring
reverb-nice!   Harp tone is nicely preserved, unlike with other pedals I have
tried that dropped the bottom and sounded processed/harsh.  I just got it but I
am impressed so far.  New cost is around $200 and they seem to go for about $125
on ebay.  Pedal is US made by a company called Soundworks which has some other
innovative products.

Jim R

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>> Has anyone tried this new pedal? It sounds from the add like it's an actual
>> spring reverb in a fairly small stomp box. Sounds too good to be true for
>> $149. It probably is.

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