Where did all the people go.

"I owe 95% of what I have learned about harmonica to the Harp-l
community.  If not for Blackie I wouldn't be re-tuning a harmonica to
get that one note needed to complete a solo. I wouldn't be writing
solos, I wouldn't be performing solo, if not for Harp-l. If not for you
Pete I wouldn't be practicing and having fun. If not for you Winslow I
wouldn't be taking classes in music theory. If not for you Iron Mike I
wouldn't be exploring other musical instruments. I wouldn't be playing
Junior Wells, Little Walter, Sonny, Sugar, Rice, Estrin, Cotton,"etc

This is a partial quote from Keith shotgun@xxxxxxxxxxxxx and he took the
words right out of my mouth.Thanks Keith you said better then I could.
I've been a "Lurker "for eight years  and I too owe Harp-l  a great debt.
>From this list I have made Harp Friends from all over the US and Europe.
Very nice people play the harp.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would play in public when
first learning the Harp it just wasn't one of my goals. Now  I jam in some
of the greatest Blues Bars in the world and Having the time of my life.
Thanks to Harp-l and its members.
Thank You Harp-l

If You Love The Blues
Honk Your Hohner

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