Re: Tom Ball, plus a comment & a question

Gosh, guys, thanks. <blush>  it might seem a bit unseemly to respond 
to a subject line that includes one's own name, but thanks Sam, 
Steve, G in NZ, & Wally for the kind words of support.

A comment:  As long as we're throwing accolades around, I can't let 
the opportunity pass without mentioning Mr. Danny Wilson.  This is a 
cat who deserves one helluva lot of credit for maintaining the 
Worldwide gig list, as well as all the numerous webpages he runs 
(including TB&KS.)  I don't know how he finds enough hours in the day 
to do all this and still be the Lord Of The Low-Frequencies on 
bass-harp, but somehow he manages.  Thanks, Danny.

And finally, a question: Are there any 78 collectors out there who 
happen to have any SBWI 78's on the *buff* colored Bluebird label? 
If so, might they please contact me off-list?  (I'm looking for label 

Anyhow, thanks again to everybody.  I got back on the L just in time, 
evidently.  <g>  Kenny and I just returned from Mammoth Mountain, 
where we did four gigs at 9,000 ft elevation -- I don't know about 
the rest of y'all, but the first couple of days I was singing and 
blowing, these flash-cubes kept going off in my head. If you've ever 
wondered whether the '60s are still alive, just go play a gig or two 
at 9,000 feet. <g>  We also got about five feet of snow -- the 
interesting part of which was trying to get down off the mountain in 
a rent-a-car with no chains.  Wheee!  Can you say "out of control?"

But back and safe we are, and wishing all a Happy 2003,



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