Re: Where did all the people go

  Hi Keith, when I used the words "maybe the list has run it's course", I
was just
kidding...Harp-L will NEVER run it's course. What I WAS feebly attempting
was to shake the bull-rushes (so to speak) to see if I could jump start
some of the more than 1000 members to "crank up the ole engine(s)" once
again. After all, machinery left sitting for 66 days has a tendency to
"drain". It musta worked, eh?...smokey-j

I owe 95% of what I have learned about harmonica to the Harp-l
>community.  If not for Blackie I wouldn't be re-tuning a harmonica to
>get that one note needed to complete a solo. I wouldn't be writing
>solos, I wouldn't be performing solo, if not for Harp-l. If not for you
>Pete I wouldn't be practicing and having fun. If not for you Winslow I
>wouldn't be taking classes in music theory. If not for you Iron Mike I
>wouldn't be exploring other musical instruments. I wouldn't be playing
>Junior Wells, Little Walter, Sonny, Sugar, Rice, Estrin, Cotton,
>Butterfield, Rod, Kim, Annie, Nelsen, on my harmonica let alone on my
>stereo if not for Harp-l. If not for Danny I wouldn't know where to see
>and hear many of those I hear mentioned on Harp-l. If not for Harp-l
>Glenn, Tom, and many others, I wouldn't know who you are and wouldn't
>have bought you're books. If not for Harp-l I would be just another face
>in the crowd not the harmonica guy. I often wonder how many of you, from
>whom I've taken advice, are the artists I listen to. Not enough I'm
>sure. The list of people I must thank is as long as the Harp-l list.
>Lastly thanks to the Owner Guy, and the Harp-l workers, I wonder how
>many hours in a week are devoted to Harp-l. It is un characteristic of
>me to use so many I's it seems somehow self serving but to those of you
>thinking that Harp-l has run it's course please remember, I, am not the
>only, I, out there that benefits from Harp-l...Keith
>P.S.  Just how does one join SPAH?
>Harp-l is sponsored by SPAH.
>Hosted by,

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