Re: Happy Belated 10th Birthday to Harp-L

I may be mistaken, but is'nt this a message from this list's long lost
founder? If I am right, we all owe him a vote of thanks for his inspiration,
Rob V
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Subject: Happy Belated 10th Birthday to Harp-L

> Greetings and Happy New Year to everybody!
> I was going to post this message on Harp-L's 10th
> birthday (Oct 6, 2002), but untimely technical
> problems prevented it.
> Fortunately, the great bunch of people we have running
> the list managed to get things running again (and
> under a much better domain name).  #:)
> My birthday message follows.  Please forgive the
> formatting if it comes out ugly, I'm using Yahoo!
> mail.
> ----------------------------------------
> Back in 1992, Harp-L began as a forum for a small
> number of harmonica enthusiasts to discuss the
> instrument and music they loved.
> Soon the electronic mailing list had hundreds of
> subscribers from all over the world.
> In the years that followed, as the internet was
> rapidly expanding, electronic harmonica resources
> began to grow.  An internet Gopher site served as the
> first supplement to the list.  The advent of the World
> Wide Web brought numerous pages devoted to the
> harmonica and related topics.  Soon after, WWW
> discussion boards, USENET newsgroups and other
> harmonica mailing lists emerged.
> Although there have been slow periods, times of
> instability and technically difficulties, Harp-L
> has persevered.  A decade after the first email was
> sent, Harp-L is still going strong with well over 1000
> members.
> I started to make a list of everyone I wanted to
> personally thank, but it quickly became too large.
> Plus, I was afraid I may leave out too many people
> (time and age have affected my memory).
> That being said, I must still mention a few people who
> have been key to the survival of Harp-L.
> First, thanks to Hugh Messenger (where ever he may be
> these days).  If not for Hugh, Harp-L may well have
> died when Western Kentucky University decided to get
> rid of all student-run mailing lists.
> Second, thanks to all the wonderful people at SPAH,
> for their financial and moral support of Harp-L and
> all the great things they do (and have done) for the
> Harmonica community.
> Third, I want to thank Michael Polesky and all of
> the Harp-L administrators, workers and helpers.  As
> with Hugh, if not for them, the list would probably
> have died long ago.
> Finally, I want to thank all the members of the list
> over the years.  Whether active contributors or
> quiet lurkers, each and every one has been a part of
> something special.
> Hopefully, the next 10 years will be even better than
> the last.
> Keep on Harpin',
> Chris Pierce
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