Re: 59 Bassman RI

Hi Tom, 

	I modified my RI to make it somewhat 
more harp friendly. 

1-  I added a bias control to set the power tubes 
     to run nice and warm.

2-  I converted the BRIGHT chan into a CRYSTAL chan. 
     that just means I removed the brightness enhancing 
     capacitor and replaced the 1 mega ohm input resistor 
     with a 5 mega ohm resistor.  Crystal microphones prefer 
     to see a high input impedence.  I use a Ruskin bullet
     with a crystal element.

3-  I kept the Normal chan. stock.  I use that chan. with 
    my Memory Man effects unit, and guest guitarist can 
    plug into the norm chan (when invited on stage).

4-  Tube setup:

	5AR4 - 6L6GC - 6L6GC - 12AU7(5814A) - 5751 - 12AX7WB

	I have been using 6L6 from JJ / tesla  They sound 
         good and beefy with plenty of power.

	The 12AU7 is a Mil spec, JAN version - 5814A
        The 5751 is a JAN tube with about 70% gain of a 12AX7
	The 5751 is the first tube in the BRIGHT/CRYSTAL chan. 

	The 12AX7WB is the first tube in the NORM chan.

If you still have a stock BRIGHT channel then I would suggest
you use the NORMAL chan. as your primary harp channel and 
experiment with the following tube setup: 

  5AR4 - 6L6GC - 6L6GC - 12AU7 - 12AX7 - 5751 (or 12AY7 or 12AT7) 

Good luck with your amp... Steve

MCT366@xxxxxxx wrote:
> I'm interested in your tube swap set-up for your bassman.

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