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> I play harp cause I like it. Not because I want to
> belong to a club- nor to legitimize the instrument

hmmmm....i never thought of harp-l as a club. i never thought of the harp 
needing to be legitimized, either. interesting take on things. i never 
thought anyone played harp because of a deep-seated hate for the instrument, 
either; jeez, i always thought everyone played harp because they liked it. "i 
hate this thing, but i'm gonna play my heart out on it. i'm gonna kill myself 
learning the most difficult techniques on the instrument, not to share my 
music with others, mind you, but to put 'em in their place." interesting take 
on things, there. 

i thought harp-l was put in place to allow sharing between kindred-spirits, 
if you will. and as acknowledgement that no one knows it all - isnt that one 
reason we all need other people? 
thanks for your message. interesting take on things -
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pessimists have a more accurate view of the world,
but optimists get all the work done...

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