Yet more amp help needed

I've enjoyed the recent thread on the Spirit vs. R.I. and learned a few things. I am especially interested in the use of a cabinate if speakers as an extension of a smaller amp. I currently have a Smicz Portablues harp amp that I really like the tone of. One commenter stated that smaller amps can drive a speaker cabinate and project the sound better. Do you lose some of what made you love the small amp in the first place in doing this? Will I really be able go toe to toe with the guitar gods as the night wears on and their volume creeps up? Any thoughts here would be greatly appreciated. Smicz offers an extension cab so there is something avalible to me that should be a good fit with the amp. As a side note I also have a Sonny Jr 1 and even with this am sometimes drowned out so my hope is that extra speakers will help. I am aware that the real solution is to ask the band to return to a reasonable volume so we don't all go deaf and so the patrons can converse without having t!
o shout but I'm often just a guest sitting in and don't feel really comfortable trying to direct a band I'm not a part of.

Be well, AJ Johnson   

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