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One of my electronic teachers explained the difference between solid state
and tubes this way.  Tubes are electrically rugged and physically fragile,
while solid state devices are electrically fragile and physically rugged.
You can overdrive a tube, even get the plates red hot, and it will still
work.  Take the same tube and drop it on ceramic tile, and it will be toast.
On the other hand you could throw a transistor against the wall all day and
it would work fine, but overdrive it or apply the improper voltages, even
for a split second, and it is likely to exhaust all the smoke inside it that
keeps it running.

So as long as your amp has no solid state devices in it, and it has a
transformer (by itself a form of surge protection), I would not worry about
it.  If it is a solid state amp, you might want at a minimum one of the
surge protection strips you can buy for computers.  The best protection
being the UPS devices that power the load off of the batteries constantly,
while charging them with the input AC.


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What?s considered acceptable surge protection for a working band? For a 
Bassman ?59?  (I am inquiring about an electrical issue not the young 
chicks in the front row.) Playing conditions vary of course from 
private homes to industrial sites. Thanks for any opinions.

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