RI Bassman or ...

There are plenty of good harp amps 
out there but my favorite is still my 
RI Bassman, bought used in 98 and re-tubed 
and slightly modded for harp use.  

Even with my loud, loud band, the bassman  
cuts through.  On stage, I don't need
to use monitors (for harp) so I can run the 
amp flat out all over fat tone heaven, 
right by the edge of feedback hell. 

The other nice thing with the RI Bassman, I will 
play it for years and years and still re-sell it 
for more then I paid used, 5 years ago.  I'm pretty 
sure there will always be buyers for RI Bassman. 
If you need plenty of volume, this amp 
sounds awesome when cranked.

In an other band I play with, the guitarist 
uses a Fender Deluxe.  For those lower volume gigs 
I use a Sonny Jr.1.

Best regards from Montreal.... Steven Rousseau

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