email shortcomings; also: Boogie on Reggae Woman (WAS:where has everybody gone)

Unfortunately electronic communications carries no obvious emotions and the
helpful indicators that face-to-face communication provides.  I don't know
if a study has been conducted on this but it is my belief that people often
interpret messages in a negative manner if it is not abundantly clear.

This may perhaps be one of those situations where the message is interpreted
differently from what the originator intended.  I personally understand it
this way:
[begin paraphrase]
The west coast blues harmonica scene seems to feature a lot of Chicago style
harp playing.  Given that there are several blues styles such as delta
blues, why did Chicago blues catch on so strongly?
[end paraphrase]
If I interpreted the question correctly then part of the answer may be
Chicago's role as a blues music focal point and California's role as a focal
point for the entertainment industry in general.  Seems like a short hop
Maybe George "Harmonica" Smith helped infuse the Chicago style into the west
coast scene.

...or maybe *I* missed the point of the message.  It's certainly possible.
Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and this ember will fizzle out rather
than flame up.

Now for a completely unrelated harmonica topic:
The version of Boogie on Reggae Woman by Stanley Turrentine (with Stevie
Wonder on harp) on Legends of Harmonica is an irresistable toe-tapper.  I've
been interested in picking up Stevie's 'Eivets Rednow' album to get some
more Stevie Wonder chromatic instrumentals.  It seems to be unavailable new.
Anyone on the '-L' have a copy they might be interested in selling?  Contact
me off list please.

Thanks for your time.

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> Smokie - joe wrote in reference to Mark Burness.....
> >Mark Burness wrote ">Steve plays traditional Chicago/West Coast style
>  >Perhaps someone can tell me why the west coast has adopted >the chicago
> >style (as apposed to delta OR
> >?)............................................smo-joeLAND
> I just thought it was worth mentioning, that there has recently been a
> thread going on regarding the dissapearence of regular contributors to the
> list, and thought it might be worth pointing out, that one of the reasons
> may be the type of "Smart Alec" remarks that have been creeping in over
> last year or so. The one above demonstrates this trait quite adequately.
> pick someone up just because they inserted a " / " instead of the word
> into their script".
> My opinion is, if you want people of note (like Mark), and people in
> to support and actively participate in the list, cutting remarks, like the
> one above, should be avoided at all costs.
> Just my two bobs worth
> cheers
> Gary
> London
> England
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