disappearance of regular contributors

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> > >thread going on regarding the dissapearence of regular contributors to
> the
> > >list, and thought it might be worth pointing out, that one of the 
> reasons
> > >may be the type of "Smart Alec" remarks that have been creeping in over
> the
> > >last year or so.

oh, to go back to the innocence and nostalgia of yesteryear.... 

Harp-l has become more of a format for sarcastic banter, silly one liners, 
and self promotion within the community than information exchange.

The Daily Almanac has remained worthwhile, as well as requests for teachers 
and interesting jams for travelling harmonica enthusiasts and 
product/technique reviews/opinions.

Those interested in checking out the "good ol' days" should browse the 

That Ol' Curmudgeon, THE ICEMAN

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