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> From: "Gary Hill" <hillyshog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: re: custom marine bands in the uk/where has everybody gone
> Smokie - joe wrote in reference to Mark Burness.....
>> Mark Burness wrote ">Steve plays traditional Chicago/West Coast style blues
>> Perhaps someone can tell me why the west coast has adopted >the chicago
>> style (as apposed to delta OR
>> ?)............................................smo-joeLAND
> I just thought it was worth mentioning, that there has recently been a
> thread going on regarding the dissapearence of regular contributors to the
> list, and thought it might be worth pointing out, that one of the reasons
> may be the type of "Smart Alec" remarks that have been creeping in over the
> last year or so. The one above demonstrates this trait quite adequately. "To
> pick someone up just because they inserted a " / " instead of the word "and"
> into their script".

I don't know what you are talking about. We have had much, much worse than
that and people hung out.  Harp-l has only been back a month. Give it time.
If you read it, they will come.

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