Re: Spirit Harp Pro or RI Bassman?

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> I don't know if it will help or hinder, but read what Carlos delJunco
> has to say about the Spirit amp on Harmony Central.  He obviously
> thought highly of it.
> Good luck in your choice.  Buy the one you want most now, then save
> another $800 for the other one.
> These reviews are just one man's opinion.The Spirit amp is a good little 
> amp with good tone and there are many others out there that are great for 
> harp as well.But when it comes down to it,they're all being compared to the 
> bassman as a reference amp.Its the flagship amp for harp.Not everyone likes 
> them,we all have different tastes and styles.If you look,you'll find 
> countless raving reviews about the bassman too.I'd think it's safe to say 
> that if you took all the pro, and almost pro,and all the part time harp 
> players in the country and asked them,they'd say they own,or had owned a 
> bassman at one time or another.Love it or hate it,its one of the best harp 
> amps ever made!..........Dave

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