Re: Spirit Harp Pro or RI Bassman?

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dawgawntired@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> I have a Bassman RI.  You can pick them up for around $500 used (be 
> patient, 
> you will definitely find one)  As for the mod, I don't see a good reason to 
> do it.  I swapped out a couple of tubes on mine and get what I consider to 
> be great tone.  Sinking anouther $200 or $400 into a $500 amp just don't 
> make any sense to me.  When you go to sell it, you'll still get $500 for 
> it, 
> probably less cause it has been modded.  This way, you get to try it, if 
> you 
> don't like it, ther is always a guitar head ready to buy one for $500, so 
> you loose $0.
> If you're going to buy a bassman and have all the mods done and everything 
> else,you'll probably have shelled out enough to buy a Victoria bassman.I 
> don't know about you,but I'd take the Vic...........Dave

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