Re: spam

As I mentioned to Steve I have 3 addresses subscribed to harp-l, none of
them receive any spam.  My bad addresses for spam are all hotmail.  To
harvest an address from harp-l you have to read the posts then go
through them and harvest addresses.  That or you'd have to subscribe and
try and get at the subscribers list.  All of this requires a person
doing something, it can't be automated. The economics of peddling viagra
to billions requires automation.  Personally I like the counterpane
guy's idea about how to rid the net of spam, charge for each and every
piece of mail delivered with a credit system for incoming to balance
against your outgoing.  At the end of the year you'd owe your isp
something like $5.  People who choose to send free mail could but nobody
would read it, it would be easily filtered. 
interesting site.  Bottom line though, we really try to make it hard for
anyone to harvest addresses from harp-l and it is something we think
about constantly, we're not complacent and the reality is if your
address gets harvested, mine could also be grabbed.  It's not good for
anyone.  fjm

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