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On Thursday 27 February 2003 01:04 am, Moandabluz@xxxxxxx wrote:
> I have noticed this since the list is back up. I have way too much junk in
> my email. I keep this name just for harp-l and don't use it for anything
> else. Today I logged on and I had 29 emails.. 23 of them were spam. Now,
> it's no big deal to just delete them, but that's a pretty high ratio.. Is
> it just me, or is there a lot more junk in recent weeks...
> Harp content: Anybody get their new omnibender yet?
That's life on the web and usenet.  If you post on a newsgroup or to a mail 
list that has a web interface and don't falsify or disguise you email address 
the spam will come.  Some sites that you give your email to sell the 
addresses, even if they claim not to. If you hit the 'unsubscribe' link on 
some of the trash, you're just confirming that they have a valid address and 
the crap kicks up a notch.  My ISP,  run by a local kid with help from his 
folks, has Spam Assasin, which tags the 'From' field with [SPAM] on 99% of 
the crap, which makes filtering a breeze.  I am on a couple very high volume 
Linux/Unix mail lists as well as Harp-l and Harp-On, and get about 300 valid 
emails a day, and 50-100 spams.  The pisser is that over the last couple days 
someone has been using my address on a spambot to Taiwan, and I've been 
getting a bunch of failed message notices from mail servers in Taiwan.  
No XB40 yet, maybe one of the vendors on the list can clue us in on when to 
expect them.
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