re: Fender reverb '63 reissue

i has a Fender Reverb '63 reissue , brown tolex.    i swapped a 12axy to a
somewhat lower gain tube to give me more play on the effect knob ....sounds
real damn good  no doubt about it .   much nicer than a Danecho.   the
effect is not particularly useful ( gets lost) in a big room or real loud
band ( amplified-style blues/blues-rock).  but in a small room and
not-too-loud band the thing virtually oozes with dripping wet tone.   find
one at music store and bring your favorite harp amp and mic and give it a
whirl, see if you dig it before you buy.... i think it's extremely expensive
though...gouging by fender i'd say.   heck you can practically buy a decent
fender amp WITH reverb at the price they're asking...which is close to

cletus white

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