Good News for Harp Players in So. Cal.

Hi Harp Bros. and Sisters,

Troy Sandow who is a terrific harp player is now offering lessons.  Troy and 
his band the Freemonts have done excellent jobs opening and sharing the stage 
with/for Mark Hummel, James Cotton, Paul Delay, and James Harman.  Troy plays 
with Nathan James the amazing guitarist with the James Harman band.  Troy has a 
great love and facility with our instrument. He has an encyclopedic knowledge 
of blues roots music and a deep appreciation of the theory and development of 
blues in addition to his tone, passion and chops. Troy has been a part of the 
Harmonica Masterclass. His fees are reasonable $35.00/hour. He is also a hell 
of a guy, a real gentleman and a pal of mine. You can reach him by email 
ponyboyxpress@xxxxxxxxxxx or by phone at (760)580-8130.

You can thank me on or off list for this tip.



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