'65 Gibson harp amp for sale (reverb)

I have a 1965 Gibson GA-15RVT amp for sale. This amp has been recently
serviced and modded for harp by Don D. of The Bernadettes. The amp has
15 Watts of power thru a 10" speaker. The amp has built-in reverb and
tremelo. The amp comes with the original footswitch and a cover. The 
cover is not original. Everything is 100% functional. I am asking $250
plus actual shipping and insurance.

I don't want to fill everyone's mailbox with all of the gory details of
the mods that Don made to the amp, but I do have them. So, if you're
interested, e-mail me off-list, and I will reply with the details plus
photos.  I also have a copy of the schematic.

Dave Kreitner

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