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>Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 14:28:39 +0100
>To: ShMclendon@xxxxxxx
>From: the Leones <leone@xxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Sp20
>>I just took apart a Sp20 looking to take the reed plate from one harp to fix
>>all the Sp 20's i have had have Screws holding the reed plate... in this one
>>has what looks to be Brass round headed rivits or pins it has four pins
>>from the Draw side to the blow side and Three going blow side to the Draw
>>side and the hole pattern is not the Same as the one with Screws ......What
>>is this never seen one like it ??
>  You have an "older" spl 20. I "Just" got done re-tuneing all 15 of my
>2 are Golden Melodies (Brad attached). I is Oskar (Phillips). 12 are spl
>20s. 4 of the spl 20 are Brad attached. One of the aggravations IS, while
>you "CAN" tune the blow notes from the "outside" (without taking it
>apart), this is difficult on the higher 3 notes, especially if it's a
>"high" key. My "Goldens ARE high (F# & Hi G), but luckily only the lower
>blow notes were "Off" 5 to 20 cents. Draw reeds were ALL off (which is
>natural with cross-harping).
>  Of course the draw notes can ALWAYS be tuned from the outside.
>  You can use that reed plate IF you have a drill. You will have to
>line-up the "Brad" reedplate with the "Screw" plate, mark it and punch
>large enough holes. I don't even use a drill, I just "twirl" the bit
>(wrapped in some padding and tape) with my hand.
> smokey-joe

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