Re: Mighty Long Time - question

My understanding is that Cliff Givens, the great doo-wop bass discovered 
by Lillian McMurray and later a member of the Ink Spots, vocalized the 
bass lines and slapped a broom on the floor for purcussive effect.

Glenn Weiser wrote:

>I have a question for the Sonny Boy II experts, and you who know you are. Regarding "Mighty Long Time" (track #10 of King Buscuit Time), the liner notes of the Arhoolie disc say that Cliff Bivens, or Givens (two spellings for this name are given-which is correct?) is the sole accompanyist on bass vocals and "broom," which I take to mean a washtub bass. To me, it sounds like SB II is backed up by a a guitar, which would have been played by Joe Willie Wilkins, and a string bass playing the same tango line an octave apart. What's the story with this track?
>The reason I'm asking is because I've have transcribed all three harp solos from MLT for the next issue of Sing Out! magazine and I need accurate info for the article I'm writing that will accompany with the transcription.
>Any help will be greatly appreciated
>Glenn Weiser
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