RE: Custom Harps

Steve Webb wrote:

<< Richard.. Is there a clip of your version of the national anthem
>> anywhere online?

I posted a few days ago to advise members of this list that a solo
recording of my arrangement of the anthem will be available to
subscribers to my FREE "Jacked In" recording series, probably by Monday.

If you want to subscribe, just go to this URL:

And send me an email with the email address you want me to use to notify
you every month when the latest download is available.  I'll be
providing a new download every month through April 2003.

Like I said, it's free. There are a few other conditions, like you have
to promise me that you will NOT sell or give away copies of the music I
provide.  I promise in turn not to sell or give away your email address
to anyone.

Seems like a good deal to me.  If you want in, go the URL above and
check it out.

Thanks and regards, Richard Hunter
Turtle Hill Productions

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