RE: Big Bill Broonzy

>Probably played on some SBWI records too.
The Bluebird SBI recordings I have list Big Joe Williams, Robert Lee
McCoy (aka Robert Nighthawk, Sam Carr's fathter) and Henry Townsend as
guitar players.  No mention of Big Bill Broonzy.

Big Bill played on many SBWI recordings, starting in '39 and ending in '47.
Here are the SBWI songs that BBB played on:

					Chicago, Jul 21, 1939
Bad Luck Blues				Bluebird B8265
My Little Baby				Bluebird B8265
Doggin' My Love Around			Bluebird B8307
Little Low Woman Blues			Bluebird B8307
Good For Nothing Blues			Bluebird B8237
Sugar Mama Blues No. 2			Bluebird B8237
Good Gravy				Bluebird B8333
T. B. Blues				Bluebird B8333
Something Going On Wrong		Bluebird B8357
Good Gal Blues				Bluebird B8357
Joe Louis And John Henry Blues		Bluebird B8403
Thinking My Blues Away			Bluebird B8403
I'm Not Pleasing You			Bluebird B8383
New Jail House Blues			Bluebird B8383
Life Time Blues				Bluebird B8439, MW M8581
Miss Ida Lee				Bluebird B8439, MW M8581
Tell Me Baby				Bluebird B8474
Honey Bee Blues				Bluebird B8474

					Chicago, Apr 4, 1941
Western Union Man			Bluebird B8731
Big Apple Blues				Bluebird B8766
Springtime Blues			Bluebird B8955
My Baby Made A Change			Bluebird B8766
Shotgun Blues				Bluebird B8731
Coal And Iceman Blues			Bluebird B8797
Drink On, Little Girl			Bluebird B8955
Mattie Mae Blues			Bluebird B8797

					Chicago, Jul 30, 1942
Love Me Baby				Bluebird 34-0713
What's Gettin' Wrong With You?		Bluebird unissued, RCA PM 42049
Blues That Made Me Drunk		Bluebird unissued, RCA RA 5707
Come On Baby And Take A Walk		Bluebird unissued, RCA RA 5707

					Chicago, Mar 28, 1947
Mellow Chick Swing			Victor 20-2369
Polly Put Your Kettle On		Victor 20-2521
Lacey Belle				Victor 20-2521
Apple Tree Swing			Victor 20-2893

					Chicago, Nov 12, 1947
Little Girl				Victor 22-0021, 50-0005
Blues About My Baby			Victor 22-0001
No Friend Blues				RCA (F) LP 90027
I Love You For Myself			Victor 22-0046, 50-0030
Bring Another Half Pint			Victor 22-0021, 50-0005
Southern Dream				Victor 22-0046, 50-0030
Rub A Dub (see note below)		Victor 20-3047
Better Cut That Out			Victor 20-3218
(Note: Flip side of 'Rub A Dub' is 'All Of Me' by Louis Prima, and
numbered Victor 20-3034.)

- -Tom Ball
Santa Barbarino


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