Re: Reed sound, where does it come from?

Jimbeau says:
>I notice that when I test the re-tuned reeds on the comb without the 
>coverplates, the pitch seems sharper than when I put the coverplates back 
>on. As a result, I try to pinch the coverplates on the reedplates and comb 
>when I do my final tests so I don't put the whole harp back together only to 
>discover the re-tuned reed sounds flat.
>Has anyone else experienced this?

In a word, yes.  The problem seems to be in changes in the embouchure and 
probably air pressure between playing with the covers and without the covers.  
One thing that helps for me: when I hold the internal "sandwich" together 
(reedplates and comb only) to check a newly-tuned reed, I place my two index 
fingers over the adjacent holes.  This simulates a mouthpiece and lets me put a 
more realistic embouchure on the hole without the covers, without having my 
lips interfere with the reed action, and also keeps the other reeds from 
sounding.  It isn't prefect, but it's closer.  Final checks and adjustments 
need to be done with the covers in place.

- -tim

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