RE: Custom Harps

I own two custom harps: an A Marine Band customized by Glenn Davis, and
CX12 customized by Siegfried Naruhn.

Both are in general better than stock instruments.  Both are more
sensitive to the player than stock instruments.  Both allow me to play
with a wider dynamic range, both at the top and bottom ends of the

In short, they're both very nice instruments, and for certain critical
performances I might prefer them to stock.  I tend to use the Davis
harp, which is country-tuned, for performances of the Star Spangled
Banner, for example, because it's a very responsive harp, and the
breathing on my arrangement of that piece is demanding.  

However, most of the instruments in my kit continue to be stock Lee
Oskars, and in general they work well for me on all sort of gigs,
including recording sessions with demanding producers.

Thanks, Richard Hunter
Turtle Hill Productions

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