harp stuff for sale

Dear list,
I have a few items for sale and thought I would offer them here before 
I put them on ebay.  I have two chromatic 3 octave harps by Herring 
(5148's), one in F and one in Bb.  Both played less than one hour.  
$45.00 each, with cases.     I also have a CX-12 in key of C, 
tenor-tuned, which has some buzzing valves down low, but all reeds, 
slide, case, spring, etc.  are good.  $80.00.  And last, I have a Shure 
777 slim-x mic w/ on-off switch (the Little Walter one).  Mic is 
$50.00.  If interested, please contact me off list.  Thanks for the 
Dan Todd

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