This will effect Harmonica Players in the future!

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Hi Harp-l'ers...

    I apologize for the bandwidth, this is not spam, just a call for =
In the past Broadway has used Harmonica in several productions ie:
Finnians Rainbow, Shenanndoah, Will Rogers Follies, Big River, Gospel at =
Colonus to name a few. Once these parts have been created, the shows =
have traveled around the world, creating work for the local musicians

    In recent years and months Broadway has been attemping to use =
"canned" and pre-recorded music and the musicians in the NY area are =
really feeling the brunt of it. If it were up to the Producers, they =
would completely eliminate the live orchestra in an effort to pocket =
more profits........The idea of a Broadway Musical at these prices sans =
real musicians is absurd....but it's becoming a reality........we need =
your help!

Please consider signing our petition to support Live Music on Broadway

just go to this link and click on sign's that =
simple.......Thank You for your support....rob paparozzi

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