Richard Hunter Free Music for February


February's release in my "Jacked In" series of free harmonica music MP3s
is a new recording of my solo arrangement of the "Star Spangled
Banner".  Since I wrote this arrangement, I've played it for audiences
ranging in size from 750 to 4000 people.  The piece is played solo
(meaning without accompaniment) in first position on a country-tuned
harmonica, which allows me to work in lots of big chords and a little
counterpoint (all in real time; there are no overdubs).  

Also for February, I'll be offering the only full-band recording
available of my piece "Peppermint Life," a solo version of which leads
off my first CD, "The Act of Being Free in One Act."    

These pieces are available only to subscribers.  Subscription is free! 
If you're interested in hearing these pieces and all the others I've
released and will release in this series, one per month through April
2003, go to the URL below, check the samples out, and send me a valid
e-mail address.  That's all there is to it.  You give me an e-mail
address, I give you music. 

Here's the URL:

Thanks and regards,
Richard Hunter
Turtle Hill Productions

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