Admin please read

If you'd like to use a different reply to and sender address for your
harp-l posting addressplease make sure to subscribe both addresses.  For instance if you want to
receive your mail atjoeblow@xxxxxx but you use a reply to address of jb@xxxxxx you'd need to
subscribe thejoeblow@xxxxxx address to one of the regular lists, harp-l or
harp-l-digest and then subscribethe other address, jb@xxxxxx to harp-l-friends

To subscribe to harp-l-friends send a
message to majordomo@xxxxxxxxxx

subscribe harp-l-friends  jb@xxxxx  (use your address
not the example)

if you don't specify the address then majordomo will default to your
sender address and you still won't be able to post without bouncing. 
Please do use harp-l-friends to subscribe addresses you want to post from but don't want to
recive harp-l mail at.This includes people who want web access with no mail but would like to be
able to post.

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