Daily Almanac - February 18

Western outlaw Frank James died on this day in 1915.  James would have died
earlier, except that a bullet that was headed towards his heart was stopped
by the harmonica that he carried in his breast pocket.

Canadian harmonica soloist Bernie Bray died on this day in 1981.  Bray began
his career as a teenager playing in harmonica bands.  During World War Two
he played with the Royal Canadian Air Force Band and after the war he worked
as a harmonica soloist and technician.
For more about the life, career and recordings of Bernie Bray, please visit:

Folk banjo and harmonica player Deroll Adams died on this day in 2000.
Adams recorded several albums of his own music as well as playing with
Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Donovan, Woodie Guthrie and others.
For more about the life, career and recordings of Derroll Adams, please

That's all I have for today.  Have fun and practice.

Peter Krampert, author
The Encyclopedia of the Harmonica

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