Jon Gindick Seminar!

Harmonica Jam Camp for Blues & Country 
A Limited Enrollment Intensive Weekend 
Workshop for Diatonic Harmonica Players, 
with a Focus on You, the Fundamentals, 
and the Joys of Jamming. 

Crown Plaza Hotel, Irvine, California May 16, 17, 18
Friday 5:30 pm to 9pm, Saturday 10 am to 9 pm, 
Sunday 10:30 am to 2:30 pm 

Taught and facilitated by Jon Gindick and friends. 

Your Mission with Jon and the Jam Camp team? Identify what you need to do to take your harmonica playing to the next level and then work together with Jon and friends to achieve your goals and beyond in two days of intense teaching, learning, practice and jamming. 

When you arrive Friday night or Saturday morning, you will play for Jon, get feedback, evaluation, and also tell us what you?re looking for in the seminar. (this can also be done by phone, prior.) Together we will discuss your goals and problems, and identify what you need to do now to   take your harmonica skills to the next level.

On Saturday and Sunday, we will spend focused, repetitive, skill-developing time in exercises and practice circles. There will be three or four classes on different topics, each relevant to players of all levels. We will explore and  practice tone, embouchure, articulation, hands, tongue-blocking, I-IV-V chord progressions, chugging, jamming theory, cross harp melody, cross harp riffs, position playing 1-6 plus 12,  how to set up a band, amplification and more.

A word of warning: Jon plays harmonica and guitar at the same time and teaches in jam circles. In a jam circle, we go around the room, and each play with Jon and his guitar. We play as a group, we play solos, we create rhythms, we become musical. 

If you are closet player, this is your time to ?come on out? in a supportive, structured environment. We have two big rooms plus a ?pre event? area at the Crown Plaza hotel in which we can separate  yet still be together. To assure sanity and attention, the enrollment is limited to thirty-five people. 

It will be stimulating, but structured so you can hear yourself think and play. This inexpensive harmonica bootcamp experience is about YOU, the fundamentals, and the joys of jamming, jamming, jamming. 

Pricing: $279 if you enroll before March 15 $295 after.
Tip:: If you pay over the internet from out of state, there will be no sales tax. (yet!!!!) 

Crown-Plaza Hotel, 17941 Von Karman Ave. Irvine, CA 92614   Telephone: (949) 8631999 

Be sure to mention the harmonica jam camp when you make the reservation and confirm the price. We have obtained special room rates of $59 a night at the Crown Plaza.

 Irvine California is an extremely convenient and pleasant location. It is about an hour south of Los Angeles International Airport, 5 minutes from John Wayne Airport, 20 minutes from Disneyland, 20 minutes from Laguna Beach, and an hour an half north of San Diego, 

 This could be a great way for your whole family to visit  Southern California.

To sign up go to:

For questions or additional information call Jon at:




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