RE: Tacky question

 smo-j sez:
>What the talking about Tim, YOU're in TEXAS. That's the same as

 Maybe. But, I got no ocean or gulf to run out and jump in when I burn my
fingers on my soldering iron.

...nothing beats a hot rod

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>    Andrew sez: Well another thing you can do is move out of the cold,
>like here  in Florida today its 74 degrees! I mean I could only wonder how
>cold it is up  north today with all that snow! Well, I might just open up
>the windows, and  practice a while. ;-) Hey Andrew,  That sounds like a
>great idea!   Can Little Walter (my dog) and I move in with  you?  I'm
>kinda cranky, but he's really cute.  Tim
> Tim ...nothing beats a hot rod

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