Re: Tacky question

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Gatorharp@xxxxxxx writes:

> << I'm interested to hear others opinion here. I personally use the cheap 
> chap
> stick to prevent chapped lips. But I haven't used anything this year (the
> wind hasn't been bad). Once they start to dry I then use Carmex when they
> get sore and etc. I just wipe all the medication off before I play my harp.
> It's not a big problem as long as you use good prevention.. But once you 
> get
> sore lips the soap opera is on! >>

Well another thing you can do is move out of the cold, like here in Florida 
today its 74 degrees! I mean I could only wonder how cold it is up north 
today with all that snow! Well, I might just open up the windows, and 
practice a while. ;-)


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