RE: Need help from guitarists - gear

Found these sites on the web:

Also a query on eBay produced a fair amount of Echoplex stuff.

Good hunting.

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I'm having something of a gear crisis.

I know there are some guitarists on the list here, and I was hoping someone
might be able to help me out.

I emailed the list a while ago asking about Echoplexes.  Mine needs serious
attention (hard-to-get parts), and at the same time I need to consider
purchasing a backup for future use.

What would be a good guitar-oriented email list out there where I could post
a request for info leading me to Echoplex parts and sales?

The harp content is that I use this thing whenever I play amplified.  I just
figured a lot more guitarists would have use for this effect, and so they
might have more resources.

If someone could send me some links or related web info, I'd be greatly


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